AlphaTex is designed with shock absorption, grip, and rebound for the serious equestrian athlete.

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    AlphaTex is Attwood Equestrian’s pre-mixed, dust free footing.  For a more economical DIY option, Attwood created a self-install dust free footing that does not need water.  AlphaTex is available by the ton for self-install.  Footing can be delivered in dump trucks or in 1 ton super sacks.  Attwood installers are also available for installation of footing, base and containment.

    Formulated with polymer coated sand mixed with felt and fiber, AlphaTex is designed for shock absorption, rebound and grip for the serious equestrian athlete.

    AlphaTex Benefits:

    • Requires no water, saving time and resources
    • Dust-free, beneficial to both horse and rider
    • Manufactured from premium raw materials
    • Reduces concussion and supports rebound
    • Custom formulations for varied disciplines

    Focus on AlphaTex

    Attwood Equestrian’s latest polymer-coated footing, AlphaTex, is a next-generation surface.

    “AlphaTex has this incredible cushiony feel to it. The horses just love it. I really feel that this footing is enhancing the well being of my horses. I find it very easy to take care of and most importantly it stays so consistent. And as for the cold Pennsylvania winters, the ring really never freezes. A plus for us who don’t go south.”
    – International Eventer and Trainer

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