daily training 

concussion reduction

reduces risk of injury 


AmeriTrack reduces the concussion usually associated with extreme fitness work

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    AmeriTrack is formulated with a polymer coated sand and fibers.

    AmeriTrack is formulated, blended and installed by Attwood Equestrian.  Each formulation is designed to provide a stable surface for galloping horses.

    AmeriTrack is dust free.  AmeriTrack has a heat-applied polymer that coats the sand granules and alleviates dust, resulting in an an all-weather track that is consistent in temperature extremes.

    AmeriTrack is water free.  The polymer coating on the sand granules does not absorb water.  Water drains away and does not change the footing.

    AmeriTrack Benefits

    • Dust-free and does not require water
    • Consistent going
    • Manufactured from premium raw materials
    • Engineered for training gallops and race tracks
    • Provides support to reduce risk of injury
    • Stable over a wide temperature range

    Focus on AmeriTrack:

    AmeriTrack is an installed footing.  Once all of the details have been determined and contract signed, Attwood Crew Members will arrive to do the work of installing AmeriTrack footing.  Once the track or gallop looks perfect and the site is clean, the Crew Members will be on their way.  A harrow lesson is part of the installation process as well.  Attwood will make sure you have the best harrow, it is set up correctly, and demonstrate the best practices for maintenance. 

    Attwood Equestrian recommends and can install a free draining base with containment for AmeriTrack.

    Attwood Equestrian can build outdoor tracks from the ground up.  We are skilled at working with the topography and assessing water movement, site excavation and track sub-base prep, outdoor base and footing.  Our outdoor bases include containment and vertical drainage. 

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