Reduces concussion

Needs no watering

Significantly reduces the risk of injury and strained tendons

The gallop at Windurra USA, home to Olympian Boyd Martin.

Attwood’s AmeriTrack footing reduces the concussion usually associated with extreme fitness work.

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    AmeriTrack footing is specifically designed to provide a completely stable surface for galloping horses. Engineered with a free-draining base and all-weather cushion, AmeriTrack reduces the concussion usually associated with extreme fitness work. The vertical drainage incorporated into the system eliminates movement of the cushion to the rail and results in a consistent, no bias track.

    AmeriTrack is one of the only polymer coated footings available on the market today. The polymer is applied through a patented process that ensures the footing remains consistent even at temperature extremes. The resulting surface provides an even plane significantly reducing the risk of injury and strained tendons.

    Many of our competitors use a petroleum wax in their coated surfaces, because it is a reasonably cheap by-product of the distillation of crude oil and is fairly simple to apply. The problems arise when the temperature fluctuates. Waxed surfaces become hard in cold temperatures and melt in the heat, separating from the sand and significantly compromising the properties of the footing. As a result, the surface loses cohesion and starts riding deep, something that will not happen with a polymered footing.

    AmeriTrack Benefits

    • Dust-free and does not require watering
    • Consistent going
    • Manufactured from premium raw materials
    • Engineered for thoroughbred training and racing tracks
    • Reduced concussion with viscoelastic rebound
    • Resistant and stable over a wide temperature range

    Focus on AmeriTrack:

    At the beginning of synthetic surfaces, there was wax. Even under normal outside temperatures, however, the tracks would turn from solid in the morning to liquid in the afternoon sun, causing a devastating affect on the footing. There had to be a better way.

    In 2011, Attwood created AmeriTrack, a revolutionary polymer-coated synthetic surface, scientifically proven to vary
    considerably less than others because of the patented polymer coating process. The non crystalline coating remains stable throughout weather fluctuations. Consequently, footing properties remain stable throughout the day and all the seasons, a real breakthrough for the racing industry.

    AmeriTrack has proven to be very popular for training tracks and gallops across the United States.

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