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    Always striving to be at the forefront of technology, we would like to introduce the perfect partner for the very best in footing – ArenaMat™, a base mat system specially designed for equestrian arena construction.

    ArenaMat equestrian mat system is designed to deliver a very stable surface that holds the footing in place, improving the grip of the footing. This economical system provides many advantages over traditional arena base design.

    First, because of the stability provided by the mats, less sub-base material is required for your arena. Second, a membrane between base and footing will not be required, furthering reducing constructions costs. And the slightly elastic nature of the mat also provides extra cushioning, protecting tendons from injury.

    In cases where a temporary or “pop-up” arena is required, ArenaMat can even be placed directly onto reasonably level ground such as turf with footing to be applied.

    ArenaMat mats feature drain channels that allow excess water to easily move to the sub-base layer, while ‘cups’ hold water to release it back to the footing layer, significantly reducing the need to water the footing.

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