Reduced water usage is invaluable for arenas located in water restricted areas.


“Thank you for our ArenaWet installation. I have to say it has been a great pleasure working with Atwood Equestrian Surfaces. You guys have an amazing team!”  
– Sherri Zuccolotto, Zuccolotto Designs

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Watering from underneath can save up to 70% of water and lower costs.  Also, water application is more uniform than an overhead system, leading to a more uniform riding surface. Overhead spray systems can wet side walls leading to rotting of wood, corrosion of metal, and mold growth – which is prevented when the water is supplied from underneath.  

  • Very even watering
  • Put the water where you want or need it 
  • Save water
  • Water while riding
  • Simple to change the amount of water applied to control the firmness of the footing 
  • Discrete system – no spray heads or water trucks
  • No additional humidity in indoor arenas
  • Pair with Attwood’s sand blend footings
  • Very economical compared to currently available sub-surface watering systems

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