TerraLite can withstand broad temperature changes making it ideal for arid conditions.

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    The newly introduced TerraLite has been designed to offer a more affordable price point for the competitive amateur rider. Formulated with the same precision of Attwood’s premium blends, TerraLite contains high-quality silica sand and geotextiles then coated with a state-of-the-art viscoelastic polymer. Perfect for the horseman who appreciates high quality footing while working within a budget.

    TerraLite Benefits:

    • Dust-free, beneficial to both horse and rider
    • Manufactured from premium raw materials
    • Creates a custom surface at an affordable price

    Focus on TerraLite:

    Our TerraLite formula contains a polymer coating which is applied to the customized sand blend. And now for a bit of science… The polymer strands have a greater surface area, making it want to stick tight to its neighboring molecules. This creates the perfect surface for high level movements. The surface should be supported on an engineered foundation or drainage system.

    TerraLite is perfect for self-installation, or as a turn-key installed product. It is available in limited location release. Please call for pricing and shipping estimates

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