minimizes concussion

absorbs shock

provides support

Attwood’s EuroTex is known for its ability to provide the proper support minimizing concussion, absorbing shock, reducing daily wear and tear on the horse.

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    EuroTex is a unique composition of geotextile combined with specially selected sand that creates a consistent footing with just enough cushion, just enough grip. Proper watering and harrowing are key to the versatility of the footing whether it be for dressage, Grand Prix jumping or training gallops.

    EuroTex provides optimal arena footing for daily training. Attwood carefully selects the components of the geotextiles to balance cushioning and stability and to prevent compaction. EuroTex is a manufactured, customized blend specifically made according to Attwood’s high standards, and has been installed in many of the top equestrian venues in the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Europe.

    “It’s like riding on air.”
    – Holly Payne Caravella, Five Star Eventer

    Eurotex Benefits:

    • Ideal for outdoor, indoor or covered arenas
    • Excellent shock absorption and grip
    • Economical     
    • Properties that change little with high temperatures
    • Water dependent
    • Customized to suit jumping, dressage or galloping 

    Focus on EuroTex:

    There is a common misconception in the equestrian community that sand is sand is sand, that there is no difference from one batch to another. All you have to do is combine sand with an additive and you have footing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    At Attwood Equestrian Surfaces, we carefully select the sand best suited to your discipline and environment before mixing it with exacting portions of felt and fiber. In addition to sand and geotextiles, EuroTex requires water and harrowing to ensure good footing. Attwood’s patented process of blending the footing before installation creates a consistent surface every time.

    Once your arena is finished, the Attwood team will guide you through the process of how to correctly harrow and water your arena so you can enjoy it for years to come.

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