The only footing that has been tested to meet FEI standards. An Attwood proprietary blend perfect for self-installation, convenient, and affordable.

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    Five Star Footing™

    In 2018, Attwood was asked to build three world class arenas for the Fair Hill Event Zone, in prep for the Maryland 5 star that was coming. One of only two 5 Star events in the United States, and seventh worldwide, the Maryland 5 Star was meant to carry on the storied legacy of eventing in Fair Hill, Maryland.

    The final formula for the footing was recognized for it’s superior versatility, grip and concussion. The secret was in the sand. With literally thousands of types of sands to choose from, it was very important to understand the sand’s qualities and not just go with what was on hand. Then balance that with the correct amount of felt and fibers.

    “It doesn’t have to be the most expensive sand, it just needs to be the right sand,” said Nick Attwood. In honor of the event that anchors the facility, Attwood named the footing Five Star. And for the first time ever, offered it as a premade footing that could be ordered by the ton.

    The creation of this facility marks a new chapter for the state of Maryland’s prestigious horse and equestrian tradition.


    Five Star Benefits:

    • Not an additive, but a true formulated footing ready for your arena
    • No mixing required
    • Perfect for self-installation
    • Convenient and affordable

    Focus on Five Star

    • Brought to you by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces, Five Star Footing for the safety and well being of your horse
    • Excellent shock absorption and grip
    • Ideal for outdoor, indoor or covered arenas
    • Attwood proprietary blend

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