provides support

absorbs shock

reduces concussion


EuroTex helps to reduce daily wear and tear on the horse

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    GGT Footing

    GGT Footing is a blend of sand, geotextiles and water.

    GGT Footing requires water.  Once the surface has been wetted thoroughly, the key is to maintain the moisture from the top while harrowing, which creates a near-perfect footing.  Or, water from underneath with our ArenaWet under surface watering system.

    GGT Footing is versatile.  It is optimal for daily training both indoor and outdoor.  Versatility comes with the amount of water applied and the amount of harrowing.  Adding more water and harrowing less will make the footing firmer, while harrowing more and incorporating air into the footing will make it fluffier.  In this way, the firmness and depth of the footing can be managed to one’s preferences and discipline.

    “It’s like riding on air.”
    – Holly Payne Caravella, 5* Eventer

    GGT Footing Benefits:

    • Ideal for indoor, covered and outdoor arenas
    • Excellent shock absorption and grip
    • Economical     
    • Properties that change little with high temperatures
    • Water dependent
    • Customized to suit jumping, dressage or galloping 

    Focus on GGT Footing:

    GGT Footing can be delivered for self-install. Footing can come loose in truck loads or in ~1 ton Super Sacks.  Contact Attwood for delivery quote.

    GGT Footing installed by Attwood installers:  GGT Footing is formulated for each arena individually and the footing is formulated for the discipline and needs of the horse and rider.  Once all of the details have been determined and contract signed, Attwood Equestrian will arrive to do the work of installing GGT Footing footing in your arena.  Once the arena looks perfect and the site is clean, the Crew Members will be on their way.  A harrow lesson is part of the installation process as well.  Attwood will make sure you have the best harrow, it is set up correctly, and demonstrate the best practices for maintenance. 

    Bases: GGT Footing can be installed on an indoor or covered compacted aggregate/stone base.  For an outdoor arena, Attwood Equestrian recommends and can install a free draining base.

    Attwood Equestrian can build outdoor arenas from the ground up.  We are skilled at determining arena location, site excavation and arena sub-base prep, outdoor and indoor bases, and footing.  Our outdoor bases include containment and vertical drainage.  We can also work with contractors on site for best results.

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