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Pinnacle’s cushioning effect is kinder to tendons and ligaments

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    Pinnacle is a blend of polymer coated sand and fibers. 

    Pinnacle is formulated, blended and installed by Attwood Equestrian.  Each arena footing formulation is suited for the discipline and needs of the horse and rider.

    Pinnacle is dust free.  Sand granules and other abrasive additives rubbing together cause dust.  Pinnacle has a heat-applied polymer that coats the sand granules and alleviates dust.  

    Pinnacle is water free.  The polymer coating on the sand granules is hydrophobic and therefore, will not absorb water.  Water drains away and does not change the footing.

    “The problem with dust is that people are actually more susceptible to damage compared to livestock, who have much bigger lungs” – Sais Swinker

    Colorado State University study in 2006 found that bronchitis was 35% higher for riding instructors compared to 5.4% for the general population. In addition, asthma was 17% among riding instructors compared to 6% in the general population (American Lung Association, 2001). 

    Pinnacle Benefits:

    • Perfect for indoor, covered and outdoor use
    • No water is required
    • Dust-free
    • Industry leader
    • Superior concussion reduction and rebound
    • Stable to extremes of temperature
    • Custom formulations for dressage, jumping, therapeutic, and racing surfaces

    Focus on Pinnacle:

    Pinnacle is an installed footing.  Once all of the details have been determined and contract signed, Attwood Crew Members will arrive to do the work of installing Pinnacle footing in your arena.  Once the arena looks perfect and the site is clean, the Crew Members will be on their way.  A harrow lesson is part of the installation process as well.  Attwood will make sure you have the best harrow, it is set up correctly, and demonstrate the best practices for maintenance. 

    Bases: Pinnacle can be installed on an indoor or covered compacted aggregate/stone base.  For an outdoor arena, Attwood Equestrian recommends and can install a free draining base.

    Attwood Equestrian can build outdoor arenas from the ground up.  We are skilled at determining arena location, site excavation and arena sub-base prep, outdoor and indoor bases, and footing.  Our outdoor bases include containment and vertical drainage.  We can also work with contractors on site for best results.

    “The horses feel great on the Attwood footing… there’s no dust which is good for me and the horses. We have the Pinnacle in our dressage ring, we love its quality and low maintenance. When we go to shows the footing often doesn’t compare to what we have at home.”
    – Silva Martin, International Dressage Competitor and Trainer

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