Needs no watering

Premium Formula

This high-end footing is waterless and dust free making it one of the most sought-after footing.

Pinnacle provides a cushioning effect resulting in a lower impact on the horse that is kinder to tendons and ligaments.

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    Our most premium formula, Attwood Equestrian Surfaces’ Pinnacle is a proprietary blend that contains polymered sand. Requiring no watering, and completely dust-free, it is the first choice of equestrian professionals. With decades of own research on how a horse interacts with its training surface, Pinnacle has proven time again to provide superior support, cushion and grip needed for the horse to perform at its best, safely.

    No Watering

    For areas around the country that are typically dry or experiencing drought, this is a footing that will continue to be completely supportive without the addition of moisture. It saves time and money and leaves you with more hours in the saddle.


    It is also dust-free, so say good-bye to long afternoons teaching and practicing in dusty arenas. According to Ann M. Swinker, Ph.D., and former extension horse specialist and associate professor of equine science at Pennsylvania State University in State College, dust is actually quite hazardous to both human and animal health.

    “The problem with dust is that people are actually more susceptible to damage compared to livestock, who have much bigger lungs” – Sais Swinker

    In a 2006 study conducted at Colorado State University, Swinker found that the incidence of respiratory infection bronchitis was 35% higher for riding instructors compared to 5.4% for the general population. In addition, the reported prevalence of asthma was 17% among riding instructors compared to 6% in the general population (American Lung Association, 2001). These statistics point to one thing: All that dust you’re inhaling when you’re working with horses is harmful to your respiratory system as well as theirs.

    From the unrivaled attention to detail in the formulation of this footing, to the formidable combination of effortless performance and safety; it is an investment in your horse’s well-being. Attwood’s Pinnacle truly is the pinnacle of equestrian footing.

    Pinnacle Benefits:

    • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
    • Requires no watering, saving time and resources
    • Dust-free, beneficial to both horse and rider
    • Industry leader
    • Superior concussion reduction and rebound
    • Stable to extremes of temperature
    • Custom blendings for dressage, jumping, therapeutic, and racing surfaces
    • Manufactured from premium raw materials

    Focus on Pinnacle:

    Coated surfaces rely on an adhesive coating to bind the sand grains and additives together to give the surface cohesion and support. In the case of waxed surfaces, the wax coating does a reasonable job of binding the components together, but they feel oily and often the sand sticks to anything that comes into contact with it. Attwood’s first coated footing, Pinnacle, largely eliminates this problem.

    The polymer coating on Pinnacle footing gives it viscoelastic properties. This is a technical term scientists ascribe to materials that give or move with some resistance in response to a force (visco), but recover or are stretchy somewhat after the force is removed (elastic). Polymers tend to be viscoelastic, while simple solids are not.

    Attwood footings coated in viscoelastic polymer provide cushioning by recovering after the force is removed. Our competitors’ surfaces feel dead in comparison because they are coated in wax, a solid. Pinnacle provides a cushioning effect resulting in a lower impact on the horse that is kinder to tendons and ligaments.

    “The horses feel great on the Attwood footing… there’s no dust which is good for me and the horses. We have the Pinnacle in our dressage ring, we love its quality and low maintenance. When we go to shows the footing often doesn’t compare to what we have at home.”
    – Silva Martin, International Dressage Competitor and Trainer

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