Sirocco Infrared Therapy Solarium with Heating & Cooling


Dual Action Fans / Drying / Warming / Cooling / Dimming Lights / Therapeutic

Our horse heat lamp is fitted with 12 low cost infrared bulbs, cooling fans and dimmers. The Sirocco is designed to speed up the drying time of your horse using therapeutic infrared light.  This helps to increase vitamin D levels while also warming and softening your horse’s muscles. A ten to fifteen minute session both before and after exercise can help reduce muscle strain and the build up of lactic acid after exercise.

Six (6) high speed fans assist with drying and also help to circulate the surrounding air. The fans can also be used independently when the lamps are turned off, turning the Sirocco into a cooling system for you and your horse.

The Sirocco is fitted with two adjustable dimmers allowing for full control of the 12 infrared bulbs. The first dimmer has control of the center bank of 4 bulbs, and the second has control of the outer banks of 8 bulbs. This means you can establish a perfect light and temperature setting for any activity, such as clipping, braiding, bathing, medical and farrier work.

A precision timer is included to manage the heat lamps usage from 1 to 60 minutes.

5,000 hours, 200W, Quartz low pressure bulbs

Sirocco Specification

  • Voltage: 220v
  • Wattage: 2.5kw (or 3kv Generator)
  • Amps: Max 11amp on Full Power
  • Plug: Fitted with a 220v Nema 6-15 3pin Plug
  • Cable length:15ft of cable with controls at 9ft from the Solarium.
  • Fans: fitted with 6 duel action fans for fast drying or cooling.
  • Solarium Weight: 65lb
  • Solarium Dimensions: 4ft x 5ft x 6inch curve
  • Shipping Weight & Dimensions:67lb 4ft 2inch x 5ft 2inch x 8inch
  • Bulb Configuration: 12 x 200Watt Quartz Pure Infrared Bulbs (Dimmable)
  • Infrared Intensity: 100%
  • Materials: Stainless Steel Frame and Facia. Galvanized Steel Back.
  • 2x Dimmer, 1 inner bank, 1 outer bank of lights.
  • 1x 60 Min Manual Timer