Attwood Q & A

What are the maintenance requirements of AlphaTex?

AlphaTex is an extremely low maintenance footing requiring minimal effort. This arena surface requires zero watering and doesn’t produce any dust. Manure should be picked out to keep it dust-free. It only needs to be harrowed every 10 to 20 horse hours, meaning if you only ride one horse a day on it, you only need to harrow it about twice a month.

A harrow specifically made for textile surfaces should be used to keep the integrity of the footing. We prefer the drags from Carolina Arena Equipment. We use the DragNFly harrows to maintain all of our installations.

We recommend having the footing laser graded every 12-18 months, depending on use. We also recommend you “flip” your footing every 5 to 7 years. Attwood can do both of these maintenance routines and can advise with regard to use and number of horses as to when these maintenance routines would be most advantageous. Most importantly, harrowing regularly will keep your surface mixed well and even.

Overall, this surface is one of the lowest maintenance horse arena footing options on the market!

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