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    Arena Design & Construction

    Attwood Equestrian Surfaces provides all that you need from site analysis to construction, installation, custom footing & related facility products.  Using our exclusive blends of footing, Attwood Equestrian Surfaces creates premium performance riding arenas in North America and around the world.

    We also provide:

    • site preparation
    • drainage
    • base installation
    • kick boards
    • fence installation
    • additive incorporation

    We closely manage our product manufacturing process so that your footing is custom-blended to meet your specific riding and climate needs. Our goal is to create an arena that provides a superior riding experience for a happy, healthy horse that performs at its best every day.

    Consulting Services

    With over twenty-five years experience, the experienced staff at Attwood are the perfect choice to help you navigate all the complexities of building your perfect arena. Let us help you plan and build an arena that not only helps you achieve your riding goals but will add value to your property for years to come.

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