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International Eventer. Olympian, Pan Am Gold Medalist

“By having Attwood surfaces throughout the farm, the arena, the gallop… and the round pen, I know we are doing everything we can to maintain the soundness of the horses. We put a lot of time into them and I feel these premium surfaces help the horses give their best.”

Allison Brock

Olympic Bronze medalist

“Doesn’t really matter how nice the farm is if the footing isn’t good. As a professional with a number of high level horses working on the surface, I insist that the footing be Attwood.”

Will Faudree

International Eventer

“One of the things I love best about Attwood is their customer service. When I gave them my long list of must-haves, they created a footing that delivers a superior surface for me every day. I can get on with the business of training my horses instead of watering and dragging. And if I ever have a question or a concern, their response time is amazing. I would highly recommend Nick Attwood and his team.”

Charles de Kunffy

Legendary Horseman,
U.S. Equestrian Federation “S” dressage judge (retired)

“Without fabulous footing, there will be no fabulous work… And Attood is fabulous.”

Nan Corwin


“Attwood really cares about giving the horses the best surface to work on. Their knowledge has been gained about the wear and tear that can happen with repeated training, an investment in the proper footing reaps huge dividends for both horse and rider. It’s all about the safety of the footing and that’s why we chose Attwood.”


Horse Arena Footing

So much is riding on your surface

The amount of riding you are going to do greatly affects your choice of a riding surface. Your footing should be engineered to meet the demands of your equestrian life.

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